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Sherrie McKnight
On her own since the age of thirteen, Sherrie learned early on the principles of self-reliance and personal responsibility.  Sherrie began her professional career in the highly competitive and fast-paced mortgage industry where she successfully spent nearly two decades.  Her ability to grasp concepts and processes quickly, as well as her natural talent for connecting with people, led her to move into a managerial role where she oversaw the complete operations of a well-respected and very prosperous mortgage company.  Realizing she wanted to reach for more and experience greater financial rewards, she eventually opened her own mortgage company where she was highly successful.  During this time, working long hours in a demanding industry, Sherrie experienced a flare-up with her ongoing battle with arthritis and she became a Monavie consumer.  She quickly realized that the health benefits as well as the business opportunities with Monavie were worth pursuing and she turned her full attention to Monavie, eventually growing her original consumer experience into a thriving international business.

Sherrie’s passion for the Monavie product line has earned her great respect and she is known as one of the best educators for other distributors.  Her knowledge and understanding of Monavie products is unparalleled and she has helped thousands of others learn about both the Monavie products as well as the systems, resulting in continued rank advancements and greater levels of prosperity for her team members.  Sherrie is also extremely enthusiastic about helping others understand the bigger vision of the Monavie Corporation and inspiring them to experience their own passion for building a successful business.

Sherrie has devoted over a decade to the study of personal growth and self-development and encourages others to find their own empowerment.  She considers it a privilege to be a motivator for others and to help people experience the financial freedom and flexibility that is attainable with Monavie. 

Believing in advancement opportunities for all people, Sherrie volunteers her time to help troubled kids realize they can have, do and be more.  She has experience as both a youth counselor and group educator. 

Sherrie’s unique blend of passion, knowledge and teaching has earned her the rank of Blue Diamond with Monavie and she was recently featured as a guest speaker and trainer in a webcast launch with R3Global.

Tony McKnight - Contact Tony
With a passion for independence and a talent to create viable businesses, Tony has been an entrepreneur his entire life.  He began his professional career as a world-class bicyclist, touring and competing in the United States and Europe.  After “retiring”, he entered the world of network marketing where he enjoyed success with one of the first and foremost companies in the industry.  Although successful, Tony was intrigued by the possibilities of following a more traditional business model and concept.  His life long dedication to health and wellness prompted him to launch an online business in the natural products industry, where he quickly went from selling a single product to offering several thousand.  It was through this experience that he was introduced to the Acai Berry and the Monavie Corporation.

Happy and successful in his Monavie career, Tony met Sherrie Clark, who was also experiencing a successful, full time Monavie career, at a company conference.  An immediate connection was established and they eventually became business partners as well as husband and wife.  

Tony is passionate about helping others learn and duplicate the systems and processes that have enabled his team members to have a life they have always dreamed of.  He works closely with the R3Global leadership system and has become a master at leveraging the different opportunities within Monavie and has trained thousands of others how to do the same.   His perseverance and talent for long-term strategies, has the already very successful McKnight team poised for significant national and international growth.
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